The Dude with the Food

I like to eat. And I love to hunt and grill and smoke and cook all kinds of meat. Innovation is the game, Golias is the name. It's pronounced like "Goliath", but without the lisp.

I live in the Midwest, in a county that happens to have the highest hunting season bag limit for deer, so a lot of my recipes include how to prepare and cook bomb venison. I'll also include some hunting tips and tricks on the blog, since I practically live in the woods from October through December.

The main tool of my trade is my Big Green Egg, where, as they say, the magic happens. From brisket to bacon, ribs to racks of lamb, Bambi [meat]balls (from the aforementioned venison surplus), chicken lollipops, wings and things and more... I do it all. And eat it all. I'm the dude with the food, and I'm here to share the meaty goodness with you all (ok, that came out weird). Anyway, thanks for stopping by!


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