Welcome to the first GoliasGrills blog entry!

If you’re #vegan, you’re in the wrong corner of the internet. This blog is dedicated to all things MEAT. Hunting it, preparing it, smoking it, grilling it, and eating it. I’ll also include tips & tricks, video tutorials, and product reviews here on the blog. Bear with me over these next few weeks as I get recipes and pictures uploaded (and figure out how exactly to “blog”).

In the meantime, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Adam “Killer Griller” Golias (nickname courtesy of my wife, Lauren). As the name implies, I’m part of the woods-to-table movement. I prefer to hunt, kill, butcher, prepare, and grill my own meat. Mainly venison and turkey, since both are plentiful where I live. I also get a ton of meat from local farmers, and my recipe-repertoire includes everything from lamb to fish to beef to chicken.

I’m originally from Colorado, so craft beer runs in my veins. Since I’m a homebrewer as well, expect to see some beer-themed content from time to time. Crafting and consuming the best brews and barbecues are my primary hobbies, so I’m here to share the goods!

Thanks for stopping by, and make sure to check back regularly for the latest recipes and videos.

Your brother in BBQ,


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